Alessandro Levesi
Offshore Sales Manager
Time at EDPA: 2 Years, 11 Months

About Me

I am originally from Italy and have travelled throughout my life. After doing many experiences abroad I arrived in the United Kingdom where I would be able to fully use my linguistic skills. I like to frequently do new experiences as well as meeting new people from different cultures.

Typical Day

As the manager of Amazon EU I am responsible for all business outside of the UK. It is my job to make sure that all our listings are translated in different languages to the highest of qualities in order to reach foreign customers in their first language. I also make contact and deal with foreign partners and suppliers on a daily basis.

Spare Time Activities

In my spare time I enjoy travelling to new destinations and experiencing new cultures. My other interests include reading, photography and sporting activities.

Looking Ahead

I aim to become a highly recognised and important part of the EDPA team. I also want to always ensure that I am helping all of my colleagues using my knowledge and skills.