Gary Stewart
Commercial Manager
Time at EDPA: 5 Years, 4 Months

After graduating and gaining many years of experience working as a supervisor at Sky Television, I turned to my passion of web design and coding.

Prior Career

Previous career pathways lead me to become a sound supervisor at Sky. Throughout my time at Sky, I would lead a team on various television productions mixing sound for a variety of entertainment programmes, including live sports, and also live news. The skills learnt and developed throughout my time at Sky will now be central to my continuous involvement of the growth of EDPA Ltd.

Typical Day

Developing and maintaining the websites owned by EDPA is a fast moving and ever evolving process which means that every day at work holds new challenges and requires a fresh approach. Recent tasks of mine have included the relaunch of our FADS and BabyMonitorsDirect websites, which has included moving the sites onto new architectures and using the most advanced and up to date web technologies to create the best possible online experience for customers. Our customers are important to us, therefore, my team and I aim to provide easy navigation, clear details and a well-rounded buying experience.

An integration of Interest Free Credit has been a huge breakthrough for EDPA, this ensures that our customers have several ways to shop. I have also been heavily involved within the enhancement of SEO, improving and extending our levels of exposure.

Spare Time Activities

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife and son, writing music, running, and developing coding projects.