Ruben Sardinha
Web Developer
Time at EDPA: 1 Year, 9 Months

As a web developer at EDPA, I spend most of my day making enhancements to our company websites and systems to ensure all staff have the tools available to work as efficiently as possible.

About Me

I’m a fast learner, professional worker and detail focus person especially when it comes to web developing. Creating something only using bits of codes and “random” words is fascinating so web developing is the right area to be in and I love it. I always work to improve myself and I don’t like to make mistakes so I’m always doing my best to learn and expend my knowledge.

Typical Day

Depending on the projects that we have, a typical day for me at EDPA is never the same. I can be working on developing new features or improving the existing ones, updating products details to match certain new features and making sure all websites are running smooth so all our customers have a great and smooth experience.

Spare Time Activities

Outside work I like going to the gym, running and spending time with friends


Heights, failing others