Meet The Team


Our staff don't mean a lot to us - they mean everything.

We recognise that trading online means our customers and suppliers will judge us purely on the service received. We work hard to make sure every interaction with our company is positive and hopefully memorable such as - answering the telephone in 3 rings and the staff member who answers will “own” the call through to completion. We aim to respond to all emails within 3 hours. Live Chat means exactly that – if our staff are in the office they will talk Live.

In pursuit of excellent service, we recruit “nice people” then empower them to achieve their full potential by creating a comfortable and supporting meritocratic working environment. Wherever possible we promote from within and there is no waiting for rewards, if a staff member overachieves in their role we elevate the role.

Gerad Barclay

Founder / Managing Director

After leaving the corporate world in 2005, I acquired my first business, a Freehold Business Centre. From this point, EDPA has continued to acquire new and exciting businesses to grow our portfolio.

Scott Washer

General Manager

I first joined the company to implement a stock management system. I soon felt that we needed a bespoke system, so taught myself to code. I’ve been heavily involved with, and have spent time in each department in the company, so that I have a better understanding of the needs and goals. Proof of my ability has allowed me to progress quickly through the company and I’ve spent most of my tenure inside management.

Gary Stewart

Digital Marketing Manager

After graduating and gaining many years of experience working as a supervisor at Sky Television I turned to my passion of web design and coding.

Alice Hudson

Buying & Office Manager

I have been part of many roles within this company during my three years here, including starting as a Customer Services Assistant. As well as this, one of my key jobs is doing the Purchasing for the company.

Alice Jervis

European Product Sales Coordinator

Earlier this year I graduated from the University of Leeds where I studied German and Maths for 4 years. During my studies, I lived in Germany for a year where I taught English to pupils of varying ages, my time in this bilingual German region strongly developed both my German and French language skills and helped me to secure my job here at EDPA upon my return to the UK.

Bob Lambert

Warehouse Assistant

My day to day job roles include picking and packing customer orders and making sure the warehouse is organised and tidy for the most effective days. Being one of the most experienced members of the team, I use my vast knowledge of the Warehouse and systems we have in place to help make decisions to make our processes quick and effective.

Claire Gutteridge

Senior Warehouse Operative

Being one of the most experienced members of the team, I have had various positions within each department. As a Warehouse Operative, I have several responsibilities, however, I also spent a period within the Sales Team as a member of Customer Services.

Clive Elms

Warehouse Supervisor

Daily, I pick and pack orders and ensure customer orders are fulfilled efficiently and effectively. I am also responsible for liaising with the Warehouse Manager and supervising the warehouse team, this creates a positive atmosphere and guarantees that each day runs smoothly.

Edward Winston

Digital Marketing Apprentice

My role within EDPA is challenging and interesting. Each morning I arrange the shipment of stock to send off to Amazon, then I focus on my main tasks set for the remainder of the day.

Hollie White

Social Media Executive

I am responsible for managing and providing a positive image across all social media platforms. I am also involved within marketing decisions and ensuring all content added to each of our websites is representable of each one of our brands.

Kelly Serniak-Taylor

Product Manager

I have previously worked for 11 years in the leisure and hospitality industry working as a Sales and Marketing Manager and an Assistant Manager. These positions where varied and taught me several skills in many different areas, which have helped me fit into the EDPA lifestyle.

Matthias Jirmann

Sales Programmer

My main tasks of this job are the listing of our products on several online shops such as Amazon and eBay and customer service for these products with focus of customer service for the German market.

Myles Salmon

Graphic Designer/Frontend Developer

Before starting with EDPA, I turned my head to web design. Web design poses many ventures and endless possibilities and this is now something that I feel I excel at. Starting at EDPA at the age of 19, I have now had the ability to strengthen and improve my skills to progress the development of all the EDPA brands.

Nicky Hawkins

Warehouse Operative

My typical day is varied and always busy. After being one of the most experienced members of the team I have spent time within different roles within the warehouse.

Robert Ambicki

Web Developer

Typically, I work on various projects and tasks; however, on a day to day basis I work on developing Magento modules, introducing new add ons and modifications for our websites.

Tom Rolfe

Partner Sales Developer

My typical daily duties are inclusive of overseeing and developing day to day trade through third party marketplaces, such as Amazon and Tesco and liaising with international customers.